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Turning Your Journey into Drama

May 31, 2014

Never underestimate your experience when it comes to writing a novel. I’m not talking about writing a fictional account of your life in semi-autobiographical fashion, rather using what you’ve learned to create a fascinating story. Some of the best novels have characters not so much copied completely from real life, but pieced together with certain traits that made the people interesting. Building on brief encounters along your journey can also bring interesting results. (more…)


Find Romance, Adventure in Inspiring Novel

March 10, 2013

A brilliant idea, a hope and a dream follow a creative, yet tortured soul whose personal demons nearly destroy his goals and his life. But with perseverance and discoveries about himself and the world around him, Blake Doyle manages to overcome challenging obstacles to realize his dreams and also find love. You can read this enchanting, suspenseful and inspiring story in “The Dream Chaser,” a new novel from Anne Higgins Petz. It’s a fascinating page-turner with plenty of interesting characters, who keep you guessing about their next moves and their effects on Doyle. I can’t wait for the next novel from Petz. Check out this wonderful first novel . . .