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Bring Joy Back Into Your Life

July 3, 2013

Life should always be a celebration, especially when you look and feel good. Unsightly and undeserved marks or spots on your skin hinder those wonderful feelings you should be experiencing. No matter what age you are, blemishes or sudden breakouts can really ruin a day. Super charge your self-confidence by not only eating fresh, whole foods, but also by treating your skin to gifts from Mother Nature.

eminence scar creamThe products you put on your face and body are no different than the substances you eat. You wouldn’t enjoy munching on hazardous chemicals, so why soak your skin with synthetic ingredients that trigger those breakouts! Promises of clear skin from medication formulas or skin care preparations aren’t fulfilled when those commercial brands contain harmful additives, preservatives and fragrances. Yes, even many acne medications include chemicals that only temporarily relieve your skin problems. They dry your skin tissue excessively, so your skin cells can’t regenerate properly or naturally. Hence, the unexpected blemishes pop up.

Healthy, organic food goes hand in hand with genuine organic skin care. Enhance your appearance naturally, boost your self-confidence and celebrate the day . . . Read more