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Eat to Boost Your Mood and Beat the Blues

April 29, 2013

Feeling down, worried, confused or concerned about the future? There’s a solution. Let’s eat! That’s right. Eating certain foods actually relieves anxiety and depression. All of us have a lot to worry about. But why worry when you can just munch on fresh fruit, veggies, fish or even a healthy protein snack!

The more you worry, the more you contribute to the anxiety/depression cycle by robbing your body of vital nutrients. Don’t let the forces causing difficulties in your life get the best of you. Instead, treat yourself to your favorite foods, focusing on fresh, whole choices such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat meats or omega-3-rich fish.

You will find a regular habit of these selections not only protects you from the blues, but also boosts your moods. The best revenge is healthy living . . . Read more


Old-Time Candy Still Hits the Spot at Times

November 29, 2012

Candy brings out the youth in us. The taste of those delicious treats may remind us of growing up, but candy is not just for kids. We enjoy it whenever a special occasion arises. Candy works hand in hand with romance. And it’s no wonder. It just makes us feel young, even when not in the romantic spirit. Candy keeps us happy. Take a bite out of a piece and we just want to smile and spread the joy around.

Seeing a jar full of candy, holding a handful of gum drops, chewing on red licorice or tempting the taste buds with chocolates provides us with good feelings. Candy becomes a sweet reward. The pleasure becomes greater when you don’t overdo it. Like fun itself, candy is something to enjoy once in a while so you remember how good it tastes. That may be the reason why candy brings back loving memories of childhood. More . . .

Jumping for Joy Over Jellybeans

April 18, 2012

For decades jellybeans had just a few flavors and colors often hard to distinguish between each other. But they contained fruit, mint and spiced flavors that made them favorites for kids of all ages. Jellybeans also became a favorite among the health conscious because jellybeans, along with red licorice, remain a sweet treat that contain no fat. Jellybeans still have calories, but you can pop them in your mouth and chew away without the guilt that may come with chocolate or other high-fat snacks.

Then came the novelty approach that changed the entire jellybean industry. Flavors stretched from once limited choices and colors to a variety of different tastes, including tropical fruit, berry, soft drinks and even popcorn. Natural true-to-life flavorings were behind the idea of the Jelly Belly from a Los Angeles distributor in the 1970s. It took awhile, but soon everyone in the country, and the world, couldn’t gobble down enough Jelly Belly flavors, such as cream soda, tangerine, root beer and green apple among the 50 different and tasty flavors. Read more . . .