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Aspiring Writer ‘Nedds’ Help

June 19, 2014

Yeah, no kidding. The new writer posted on a writers’ discussion group, stating he ‘Nedds’ help in the topic title. Could have been a simple lapse, but his post proved otherwise. This comes back to me whenever someone suggests some people just shouldn’t be writing, or that kids today have been warped by high-tech gibberish. Maybe so, but it would take time to figure that out. (more…)


Turning Your Journey into Drama

May 31, 2014

Never underestimate your experience when it comes to writing a novel. I’m not talking about writing a fictional account of your life in semi-autobiographical fashion, rather using what you’ve learned to create a fascinating story. Some of the best novels have characters not so much copied completely from real life, but pieced together with certain traits that made the people interesting. Building on brief encounters along your journey can also bring interesting results. (more…)

Editor Interview with Gerald William Shaw

May 27, 2014

*Interview from Phantom Owl Press:

Gerald William Shaw has worked as a writer and editor for books, newspapers, magazines and online sites. His latest edited books include TheBlood Feud, The Blood Tie and the soon-to-be-released The Blood Trail by Shelley Young, and Vibrations: A Psychic Journey by Tammie Whalen Buckler. He is also an author and ghostwriter.

What type of stories do you most enjoy editing?
Right now, I like thrillers, including erotic thrillers. I’ve recently edited the novels of Shelley Young, who is getting quite a following with her Dardian Dreshaj series – The Blood Feud and The Blood Tie.

What other books have you edited?
I’ve edited science fiction and adventure novels. The DreamChaser, a romance-adventure by Anne Higgins Petz, has been getting great reviews. I’m editing a science fiction in the young adult genre for a new writer. I just completed editing a wonderful memoir by a woman with psychic abilities, Vibrations: A Psychic Journey by Tammie Whalen Buckler. I’ve also edited a science textbook, The Young Amateur’s Guide to Radio Physics. So, I pretty much cover a wide range. (more…)