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Healthy Pets Make Happier People

July 5, 2013

The health of your dog, cat or other domestic pet probably plays a key role in your daily life. The attention you pay to your devoted companion tells a lot about yourself. Indeed, some of us spend more time on our pets than we do for our own needs! Don’t know how many times I’ve thought how my beagle, Yogi, eats better than I do.

Yogi eats well

Yogi eats well

The doggies and kitties aren’t complaining about their special treatment, but make sure you give attention to your health as well. In most cases, people who keep their pets in shape also lead a healthy lifestyle. We care about the friends we depend on and the creatures around us. Some animals aren’t so fortunate. It can get downright sad and depressing reading or hearing about an abandoned or mistreated animal.

It’s easy to take care of the problem yourself if a pet in need happens to be in your neighborhood. We sometimes realize, however, how many other dogs, cats and furry friends are in trouble in areas everywhere. We wish we could instantly help, but it’s just not possible. That’s when outstanding animal charities come to the rescue. These charities are run by people who love animals and do everything possible to save and bring them back to health.

You probably know about some of these great people in your community through your local veterinarians or pet-friendly groups. There are also animal charities that provide life-saving services for pets throughout the country and all over the world. Local organizations can steer you toward the most reputable charities. You can also read about some of the most respected animal charities. Or join in making your own recommendations and suggestions here.


Bring Joy Back Into Your Life

July 3, 2013

Life should always be a celebration, especially when you look and feel good. Unsightly and undeserved marks or spots on your skin hinder those wonderful feelings you should be experiencing. No matter what age you are, blemishes or sudden breakouts can really ruin a day. Super charge your self-confidence by not only eating fresh, whole foods, but also by treating your skin to gifts from Mother Nature.

eminence scar creamThe products you put on your face and body are no different than the substances you eat. You wouldn’t enjoy munching on hazardous chemicals, so why soak your skin with synthetic ingredients that trigger those breakouts! Promises of clear skin from medication formulas or skin care preparations aren’t fulfilled when those commercial brands contain harmful additives, preservatives and fragrances. Yes, even many acne medications include chemicals that only temporarily relieve your skin problems. They dry your skin tissue excessively, so your skin cells can’t regenerate properly or naturally. Hence, the unexpected blemishes pop up.

Healthy, organic food goes hand in hand with genuine organic skin care. Enhance your appearance naturally, boost your self-confidence and celebrate the day . . . Read more

Easy Exercises When You’re Stressed Out

July 1, 2013

Stress and anxiety often create tension, which can tense the muscles throughout your body. This compounds the irritability you already have and results in physical symptoms or ailments. The vicious cycle may cause ongoing anxiety. Some people suffer from anxiety disorders, mental health issues that exaggerate or emphasize everyday stress.

A certain amount of stress and anxiety can’t be avoided. Sometimes it helps you to overcome daily obstacles. However, when your anxiety starts to feel overwhelming, simple exercises can help relieve stress and return normal functioning. Just a few minutes a day with these exercises helps prevent the stress and anxiety that affect your daily activities. Set aside time for deep breathing, visualization or progressive muscle relaxation. I wrote about these and other easy exercises for Livestrong . . . read more.