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All You Need is Work

June 29, 2013

“If you make it difficult to do business, there’s not going to be any business.”
– Rick Harrison, co-star of “Pawn Stars” on History Channel.

Polices for climate change, illegal immigration reform and blah-blah-blah. Enough! What people want now are jobs, a “three-letter word,” according to Joe Biden. We’ve been hearing positive and negative reports on the economy and employment for five years. The bottom line: the economy is in horrible shape. Anyone who can remember the way things were just 10 years ago can figure that out.

Government doesn’t create jobs. It only hinders the process. Besides, the government is too busy snooping into your lives. Leave business alone and let it thrive. Businesses create jobs. When was the last time you were hired by a politician? Politicians are as rich as rich people. But rich people employ you and expand their businesses to create more jobs.

I am tired of rich Washington snobs, who get rich from my and your earned income, telling me how to live my life. We are going through what many Americans went through in the 1930s and it is totally unnecessary. Leave us alone. We can do a better job at creating and getting jobs.

Yes, I know you have concerns about other issues. The best way to tackle those concerns and worries is to control your own destiny. And that can only be achieved by getting government out of the way. Enough! How many more bad policies are you willing to accept from Washington? Get off our backs. Laissez faire!


Quench Your Thirst with Fruit

June 19, 2013

Many types of fruit contain more than 80 to 90 percent water. If you can’t find water, you can always depend on a piece of fruit – apples, peaches, plums, strawberries, blueberries and mouth-watering watermelon – for your body’s water needs. You benefit from all those fruity vitamins, too.
You might choose to exercise during the hot days of summer. Keeping bottled water on hand helps, but also take along some fruit if you can. It will take care of your appetite as well.
Water remains the best choice for hydration, especially when you exercise. Fruit comes in a close second and provides your body with plenty of hydration. Keep fruit slices available in your refrigerator or fresh fruit in a bowl on the counter…Read More