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Old-Time Candy Still Hits the Spot at Times

November 29, 2012

Candy brings out the youth in us. The taste of those delicious treats may remind us of growing up, but candy is not just for kids. We enjoy it whenever a special occasion arises. Candy works hand in hand with romance. And it’s no wonder. It just makes us feel young, even when not in the romantic spirit. Candy keeps us happy. Take a bite out of a piece and we just want to smile and spread the joy around.

Seeing a jar full of candy, holding a handful of gum drops, chewing on red licorice or tempting the taste buds with chocolates provides us with good feelings. Candy becomes a sweet reward. The pleasure becomes greater when you don’t overdo it. Like fun itself, candy is something to enjoy once in a while so you remember how good it tastes. That may be the reason why candy brings back loving memories of childhood. More . . .


Don’t sweat it – it’s easy to stay in shape

November 10, 2012

Depending on your goals, regular physical activity and good nutrition are easy to use in your daily schedule for a healthy lifestyle. Many doctors and health specialists say a good exercise routine includes activity for 30 to 60 minutes a day most days of the week. Those exercises range from gym workouts to regular walking or playing your favorite sport. The activity is what matters, so you can do what you enjoy and receive the health benefits.

Your nutritional needs also play a significant part in your health. Certain health supplements help when you can’t always find the time to eat the right foods with adequate nutrients. Supplements and protein drinks aid with the energy boosts you need, especially while exercising. You may not know the right products to choose or the right training for your body. Some people benefit from a physical trainer, but you can find these health advantages through one source. Read more …